The 7 Best Solar Lamp Posts (Buying Guide)

The best solar light posts are an excellent addition to your garden, lawn, patio, or street, and you can’t go wrong when beauty meets self-sufficiency. They’re also simple to install and operate effectively regardless of the weather because they’re made of waterproof materials.

I’m bringing you the list of the 7 best solar-powered post lights that combine traditional lamp posts with modern charm by charging batteries through small PV cells and providing LED illumination at night. In light of that, let’s take a further look into what makes our list of 7 solar lamp posts the best.

Best Solar Lamp Posts

7 Of The Best Solar Lamp Posts

Consider yourself traveling home on a frigid winter night with only a lamp to guide you. You might be concerned that the light would run out, but with a solar lamp post, you won’t have to. The vintage-styled flats offer a powerful performance by combining old-world beauty with modern conveniences.

Like other solar-powered gadgets, the panels store energy during the day and then switch on the lights when it gets dark. Plus, because of their ornamental features, you may change the hue and brightness of your backyard or home to improve the mood.

However, picking one unit from the numerous possibilities offered is a struggle. To assist, I’ve compiled a list of the seven best solar lamp posts with various useful features. So, starting with the reputable Sterno Home lamp post brand, let’s take a look at what value they bring to your garden.

1. Sterno Home GL23716BK Outdoor Solar Lamp Post

The Sterno GL23716BK solar-powered lamp post is an advanced option for lighting patios, driveways, and walks with a sustainable and efficient energy source.

On the top side of the post light, four integrated amorphous solar panels create DC electricity when exposed to direct sunlight. This DC electrical current is powered by a three AA Nickel Metal-Hydrate rechargeable battery pack that provides twilight to dawn performance.

The Sterno Home solar light post has a charming and elegant old-fashioned look with a cast aluminum construction and a rust-resistant black finish. It also includes polycarbonate lenses that are meant to withstand extreme weather.

Furthermore, the lamp post’s light output is close to 50 lumens. It is enough to give any outdoor garden a unique mood, exactly as solar pathway lights powered by twelve bright white LEDs that produce cool light for a long time without requiring any maintenance.

It’s straightforward to set up this solar lamp post light. All of the major components are already connected, so no electrical wiring is required. You may put your light fixture anywhere you want it by simply putting together the base, post, and lamp parts.

Sterno Home GL23716BK Features

  • It is programmed to turn off when the sun sets automatically.
  • It has a vintage streetlamp design.
  • It has a weatherproof and rust resistance cast-aluminum construction.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It includes 12 LED lights and four amorphous solar panels.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.

2. Gama Sonic GS-98B-S-BLK Royal Lamp Post

The Gama Sonic Royal bulb lamp post is protected by a durable cast-aluminum shell that can endure the elements. This lamp post is also water and heat resistant and corrosion and dust resistant.

Furthermore, the top of this solar lamppost features four monocrystalline solar panels. Aside from that, the solar panels are protected by tempered glass, ensuring that they will work as expected for years to come.

The Gama Sonic Royal light post includes a changeable and rechargeable battery. The firm promises that this battery would endure 1,000 charges or around three years. Under direct sunlight, a full charge takes roughly 6 hours.

Apart from that, Gama Sonic’s lamp post is equipped with 11 LED bulbs that provide 120 lumens of light. In addition, it incorporates Gama Sonics most recent LED light bulb technology, allowing for 360-degree lighting.

LED light bulbs

There are two brightness settings on the solar lamp post. The maximum brightness level provides 6 hours of work time, while the dim setting provides roughly 10-12 hours of light.

A light-sensing device is also included with the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb lamp post. It turns the lights on when it becomes dark and turns them off when it gets light. Gama Sonic’s light post is likewise appealing in appearance. 

It’s available in black and bronze, and it’ll look great in your yard. It’s also available in single, double, triple, and lamp-only, as well as a lamp post and mount configurations.

Gama Sonic GS-98B-S-BLK Features

  • It has two brightness settings.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • It has a robust cast-aluminum casing.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.
  • It is capable of total 360-degree illumination.

3. Westcharm 3-Head LED Solar Lamp Post

Next up is an excellent solar lamp post from Westcharm. Are you searching for a classic, rustic, or romantic design solar light post? The 3-head solar light post with a planter from Westcharm may be ideal for you!

This lovely solar lamp post features three lanterns and six very brilliant LED lights per head and is made of metal and beveled glass.

The benefits of a solar lamp post with a planter are twofold: you can integrate the solar light into your landscaping layout while also providing weight to assist secure the solar lamp post.

Westcharm 3-Head LED Solar Lamp Post Features

  • A planter is included and attached to the lamppost.
  • It is 80-inches tall and can light up a lot of space.
  • It is a triple-headed solar lamp post.
  • It is constructed with weather and rust-resistant aluminum.
  • It includes six bright white LED lights per head, and it automatically turns on at dusk.

4. Melunar 68.5″ Waterproof Solar Lamp Post

The Melunar Solar Lamp Post provides a considerable quantity of light during the night while also conserving electricity, and for a pleasant radiance, it includes transparent window panels. It may also be used to light up and beautify your patio, backyard, driveway, or any other outdoor area. 

The Melunar solar LED light post is an excellent addition to any yard or garden. It features a stylish design that will complement your patio well.

The design is fantastic, it’s simple to put together, the light is adequate, and altogether, this lamp post is fantastic.

On another note, this lamp post has tendency to topple down and illumination is a little too faint. 

The measurements of the lamp post are 16.42 x 10.63 x 7.83 inches. It is 4.2 pounds in weight. Overall, it is a fantastic alternative if you’re searching for a beautiful lamp post!

Melunar 68.5″ Waterproof Solar Lamp Post Features

  • It has two lighting settings: Low and High.
  • It has a beautiful retro and classic design.
  • The color temperature reaches around 5000k.
  • It is waterproof and weather-resistant for outdoor use.
  • After fully charging, it shines bright for up to 8 hours. 

5. Kemeco ST4311AHP LED Solar Lamp Post

The Kemeco ST4311AHP solar lamp is another unique outdoor lighting option. It comprises a simple set of components (head, top, middle, and bottom posts, base, and planter base) that can be readily attached for a practical installation.

The solar-powered street light is designed with six efficient LED lights and four monocrystalline solar cells that continuously recharge the three integrated Ni-MH batteries throughout the day to charge the battery pack’s 2300mAh capacity fully.

Lamp Post

This battery capacity will last around 6-8 hours when used to power LED lights (estimated performance time between dusk and dawn). Keep in mind that you must charge the lamp post light for roughly 24 hours the first time you use it.

The 6 LED lights illuminate your patio, garden, or yard in a pleasant white light. Furthermore, the outdoor solar light post’s aesthetic style is based on a traditional cast aluminum design with ripple glass and a plastic planter base. It achieves the best results by combining aesthetics with solar lights.

Sterno Home GL23716BK Features

  • It is attached to a plastic planter base.
  • The lamp post has a cast aluminum construction. 
  • It has a warm white light glow.
  • It is straightforward to install.

6. Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Baytown Solar Lamp Post

The Gama Sonic Baytown solar light post is made of a tough and long-lasting black polyresin. The casing is water and heat-resistant and corrosion and dust-resistant.

The lamp post also has four monocrystalline solar panels situated at the product’s top. In addition, the Baytown light post by Gama Sonic is fitted with 1500 MAH rechargeable and changeable batteries that may last up to 1,000 charges or around three years.

The Gama Sonic Baytown lamp post has ten LED lights in a robust glass casing and provides a brilliant white light of 130 lumens. The solar lamp post can produce roughly 10-12 hours of light when completely charged.

The Gama Sonic Baytown solar lamp post also includes a light-sensing device and runs on an excellent dusk-to-dawn lighting system.

The Baytown exterior solar lamp post by Gama Sonic has a sleek and traditional style. It has a sleek black finish that will look great in your yards, porches, patios, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. There are lamp-only and lamp-with-post variants available.

The EZ anchor base on the Gama Sonic Baytown lamppost makes installation a breeze. Furthermore, installing this solar lamppost does not need any electrical connections.

Sterno Home GL23716BK Features

  • It has a bright white light glow.
  • It has a solid weatherproof construction. 
  • It has a beautiful classic vintage design.
  • It includes a straightforward anchor base for easy installations.
  • It has one of the most longest working times on this list.

7. Kanstar Street Vintage 65″ Lamp Post

Last but not least is the excellent 65″ plant base solar lamp post from Kanstar. This Kanstar 65′′ Street Vintage outdoor garden solar lamp post is an excellent choice for individuals searching for a practical and attractive solar light for their backyard or patio.

A rechargeable AA nickel-cadmium battery with an 800mAh capacity has been pre-installed in the lamp post light. Thanks to four pre-installed solar cells, the battery immediately charges when sunshine hits the modules. 

The automated sensor in the street lights activates at dark, turning on the three LED bulbs that produce brilliant white light. To fulfill all lighting needs, sectional poles at 26″, 48″, or 65″ can be added to the light lamp height. It’s also possible to change the light’s intensity and direction. 

Furthermore, the lamp head is constructed of coated plastic, and the pole is made of aluminum with a stainless-steel finish.

Sterno Home GL23716BK Features

  • It has a dimmable light that has an adjustable light direction.
  • It includes a AA nickel-cadmium battery.
  • It has an excellent stainless-steel finish.
  • It includes two settings: High and Low.

The Best Solar Lamp Posts: What To Consider

Lamp Post

Almost every solar lamp post on the market today claims to provide the same advantages and characteristics. When scouting for a new product, it’s often necessary to break through the marketing hype to comprehend what you’re receiving. 

I discovered that the top solar lamp posts all offered the same benefits when I looked locally and extensively online, for example:

  • Lighting from dusk till dawn

I found that nearly every solar lamp post I examined provides light from dusk to dawn. In other words, it should be left on throughout the dark hours. Look for the burn time instead of getting influenced by this marketing statement. Many of the lamps last at least six hours. 

The time from twilight to dawn is frequently more than six hours. Therefore, if you require a light that will last all night, look for a lamp that will last at least 8 hours.

Lamp Post
  • Cost-effective green energy

A solar lamp post is a renewable energy source. The rechargeable batteries that store the sun’s energy during the day are the only component you’ll need to replace once you’ve purchased your solar lamp post. 

  • Solar panels with monocrystalline crystals

You may find this sort of solar panel in all solar lamp posts on this list. Monocrystalline solar panels are currently the most efficient and cost-effective form of solar panel. However, other factors influence the lamp’s burn time aside from the solar panels. 

It covers the type of light bulb utilized and the type of rechargeable battery used to store power.

  • Materials that are resistant to water
Lamp Post in Rain

Your solar lamp post’s electrical components are constructed of materials that are impacted by the weather. These sections will degrade if water gets in. Every solar light should be able to withstand water.


The intended application and the available area will determine the optimum solar lamp post. For example, some people will want something taller, while others will be satisfied with a shorter alternative.

A high lumen count is a common need for solar lamp posts, as it is a long enough duration to last all night. The solar panels’ dusk to dawn functions are included in these gadgets for a purpose, so anything without them isn’t worth the money.

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