Best Solar Showers: 8 Top Picks and Buying Guide

Few things are more satisfying than a refreshing shower after an exhausting hike through the mountains. Thankfully, nature and science came together beautifully in the form of a solar shower. I always ensure it’s packed in for family trips because it tends to improve everyone’s mood. So, what are the best solar showers? 

Our top pick is RisePro 20L, one of the best value-for-money solar showers available today. Other great solar showers are Dr. Prepare 15L solar shower, Ponamfo 12L solar shower, Nemo Helio 22L solar shower, Kipida 20L solar shower, HiVehicle 20L Solar Shower, VIGLT 20L solar shower, and Ranjima 20L solar shower. Each one boasts impressive features and reliability.

Before making your purchase, you must carefully consider which features you value most. If you’re going backpacking, a lightweight and portable option is crucial. If your focus is on practicality for the whole family, a pressurized option is better. Regardless, let’s help you make the best choice with our list of the 8 best solar showers starting with the RisePro 20L.

Best Solar Showers

1. RisePro 20L Solar Shower

The RisePro 20L is one of the best value-for-money solar showers available today. The shower bag’s construction consists of environmentally friendly materials which are safe for human health. This deluxe version, with multiple layers, boasts a leak-proof protection feature that significantly enhances its durability and lifespan. 

Its design includes an advanced showerhead with an easily accessible on/off switch and a switch to adjust the water flow setting from low to high. Together, both switches serve to create a more comfortable showering experience!

The RisePro solar shower bag has a whopping 20L water capacity, making it an excellent choice for showering in remote locations. If you know you’ll be heading off on a long backpacking journey, it may be worthwhile to take this solar shower along for the trip. 

The solar shower bag consists of innovative PVC material that is proficient in absorbing solar energy quickly and providing a satisfactory heat level. It heats water to 113°F (45°C) in 3 hours with direct sunlight. Additionally, it comes equipped with a temperature indicator for both Celsius and Fahrenheit for an accurate temperature reading every time. 

Its dimensions are 12.24 x 6.73 x 2.6 inches, and it’s great for walking, camping, hiking, and climbing.

2. Dr. Prepare 15L Solar Shower

The Dr. Prepare 15L solar shower has many valuable features for its affordable price tag. It has a rechargeable air pump that can quickly inflate the entire shower bag without having to exert yourself or wait a long time when you’re tired from a hike. It’s as easy as pressing the power switch and hooking up the air pump to the shower bag.   

With its design philosophy leaning towards “simplicity,” showering outdoors is made easy with its versatile spray nozzle equipped with two spraying modes. You may choose to squeeze the lever manually and control the water output or select the second mode for a continuous and uninterrupted water flow. 

Furthermore, its enlarged screw lid makes filling the shower bag easier than ever. Additionally, it easily seals due to the threaded design, making it pretty convenient compared to similar models or competition with the press-type of lids.

Due to the black, waterproof PVC material, the Dr. Prepare solar shower can soak up sunshine much quicker than regular solar showers, converting it to thermal energy for the perfect showering temperature. Thus, you can take a warm shower even on a faraway excursion. Its dimensions are 10.1 x 9.76 x 6 inches. 

This Dr. Prepare solar shower is both compact and travel-friendly, offering a nozzle, hose, and foot pump as well as zippered storage back for all the essentials. It’s an excellent choice for camping, hiking, or living off the grid. It also works well for taking a quick shower, rinsing off sands on feet, bathing muddy paws, or washing spotted cars. 

3. Ponamfo 12L Solar Shower

The Ponamfo 12L solar shower has an average price tag, but its features are sevenfold. Its design offers a portal and convenient camping shower that is easy to assemble and use. It is user-friendly and contains front pockets that can hold your shower accessories. It boasts a large diameter screw lid for easy filling and a detachable strap for carrying it around. 

Furthermore, it also comes equipped with a handy nozzle and two showering modes for your convenience. The nozzle has two modes for altering water flow; by pressing down on the nozzle, the water fill flow until you release the button and flipping the switch in the opposite direction produces a continuous stream of water. 

The Ponamfo 12L can produce up to six minutes of showering time and has a lengthy 1.9m hose that must stay firmly attached while showering. You may place the shower in any desired location and step on the foot pump to receive water. You may also monitor the water level by looking at the scale provided. 

Shower Head

The added foot pump has a one-way valve design that removes having to hang the shower higher to improve the shower. This one-way valve exists to prevent flooding. Also, this camping shower bag offers two ways of showering – gravity or pressure. Ensure the tank is higher than the sprayer, and the gravity feature will kick in.

The showering bag’s construction consists of tightly sealed, PVC waterproof material that ensures it is leak-proof and stays durable for longer. It absorbs heat best in direct sunlight, and the temperature gauge will indicate whether the temperature is satisfactory. 

It’s excellent for outdoor showering, pet cleaning, plate watering, hiking, car washing, etc. Additionally, it would make a fantastic gift for friends and family. 

4. HiVehicle 20L Solar Shower

This HiVehicle 20L solar shower is a top-notch choice for a budget alternative. Its construction consists of a healthy, durable, toxic-free PVC material that ensures leak-proof craftmanship. It’s strong enough to hang on trees and a tent when it’s time for a lovely shower. 

The shower bag’s fabric quickly absorbs energy from the sun, warming up the bag and preparing the water for the most suitable temperature. It absorbs sunlight best when hung on a tree, although you may also place it on the floor. To monitor the current temperature, you can look at the indicator on the shower bag that shows both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

If you’re planning a family trip camping, hiking, cycling, climbing, surfing, or even a day on the beach, you’ll be impressed with the reliability offered by the HiVehicle 20L. It has an oversized showerhead, in addition to an easily accessible on/off switch and low or high-temperature setting. 

Its large water capacity of 20L is perfect for several people, in addition to cars or pets. Its dimensions are 12.48 x 5.2 x 2.8 inches.

5. Nemo Helio 22L Solar Shower

The Nemo Helio 22L solar shower is more expensive than most options, but you certainly get fantastic quality and features. Unlike gravity-style showers that hang overhead and may produce a weaker water flow, this water shower offers impressive pressure from its portal sprayer that rests on the ground.   

It lets you wash your hair quickly, do the dishes, water plants, rinse off camping gear, or spray down your pets. Furthermore, an included foot pump helps to pressurize the 22L tank, allowing it to operate for an impressive seven to ten minutes at a time, and it prevents the tank from over-inflating. Its measurements are 10 x 11 x 8 inches.  

A neat feature of this solar shower is its ability to assemble and disassemble without breaking a sweat. It’s foldable for compact traveling, and the storage is large enough to house the tank, hose, pump, and nozzle without any difficulty. These features make it a priority pick for people who don’t want the hassle of lugging around equipment on a journey.

6. Kipida 20L Solar Shower

The Kipida 20L solar shower is an environmentally friendly and leak-proof bag that is as reliable as it is safe. Thanks to its materials, it is easily able to absorb sunlight. It heats water to 113°F (45°C) in 3 hours with direct sunlight. The shower bag is wear-resistant, lightweight, and reusable for maximum convenience.

Furthermore, this camping shower bag has a 20L water capacity, making it an excellent choice for larger groups or families looking to shower in remote areas. When filled with water, it offers up to ten minutes of showering time, and it can easily be folded into strips and stored away when done showering. 

The advanced showerhead design offers an on/off switch and a low and high setting for an adjustable water flow. It comes with a hose, a showerhead, and a water tap for easy accessibility. The current temperature can be viewed via the temperature indicator provided on the shower bag itself and displays both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements. 

Outdoor shower

Due to its excellent portability, the Kipida 20L solar shower is a perfect choice for all outdoor sports such as traveling, hiking, climbing, camping, swimming, self-driving, fishing, hunting, etc. It would also serve as a fantastic gift for the whole family. Its dimensions are 11 x 9 x 1.9 inches.  

7. VIGLT 20L Solar Shower

The VIGLT 20L solar shower is one of the best budget solar showers money can buy. Its construction consists of environmentally friendly materials that are not harmful to your health. The deluxe version boasts multiple layers that further enhance its features to add superior durability and a leak-proof quality for increased longevity. 

The shower bag has an implemented temperature indicator and displays the current temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius for your convenience. Its 20L water tank permits multiple persons to shower before the water depletes, making it a good choice for larger families. 

Additionally, it comes equipped with a faucet that tightens to prevent any risk of leaks; however, ensure that the water outlet at the top is firmly secure to eliminate further leakage. When heated, the shower bag reaches temperatures of up to 113°F (45°C) in three hours under direct sunlight; no additional showering equipment is necessary.  

Thanks to its flexible design, it offers multifunctional uses and serves its purpose brilliantly for showering when outdoor camping, hunting, fishing, rafting, or when out in the mountains. Furthermore, you may also take it to the beach during summertime to rinse off unwanted sea sand or saltwater and prevent taking them into the house. 

8. Ranjima 20L Solar Shower

The Ranjima 20L solar shower is another cheaper yet surprisingly valuable alternative. The shower bag’s construction consists of waterproof material, and it’s entirely safe to use. The bag is durable and quickly absorbs sunlight for optimal showering temperatures. Its durability makes it the perfect partner for any outdoor activity. 

The solar shower bag comes with a detachable shower hose, as well as an on/off slider nozzle and faucet so that you can control the water flow to your liking. The shower and faucets are easy to assemble or replace in the event that you misplace them. This product is great for emergencies when hot water is required. 

The shower bag is suitable for hanging on a tree or a car when hiking or camping. Its 20L water capacity makes it an ideal choice for showering in remote areas, as well as a welcoming addition to a weekend getaway. Additionally, neatly fold it to fit into tight spaces when not needed, although always ready to be unfolded at a moment’s notice. 

The Ranjima 20L solar shower is the ideal outdoors shower for campsites, hiking, swimming pool areas, picnics, barbecues, fishing, and an energy-burning day at the hot beach. Other applications include washing dishes, bathing pets, or washing the car if necessary. Overall, it’s a fantastic option for the whole family or people wanting a solid, reliable solar shower. 


Camping Shower Bag

Solar showers are a fantastic complement to any outdoor excursion. You may take a pleasant warm shower with a solar shower without having to worry about finding a power source or bringing a water heater along. What’s not to like about these showers that are both ecologically friendly and simple to use?

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