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Our Energy Control Monitor allows you to see how much electricity individual appliances are using now, and how much it costs.

It will instantly display what the effect of turning off individual appliances, Hi Fi & computer equipment, electric heaters etc has on your electricity costs.

You can then ensure that you turn off, or use equipment and appliances in a more efficient way. Saving you money.
Energy Watch Monitor

Dimension: 158.8 (L) x 72.7 (W) x 37.5 (H) mm ( not include the plug)
Max Load 10A/2400 watts
Voltage range 200-276 V AC
Accuracy in measurement is +/- 0.05%
Clock accuracy +/- 1min per month
Measure frequency range 45-65 Hz
Operating Temperature -10c to +40c
Cumulative measure range of 0 – 9999.99 Kwh
Uses rechargeable 3.6v Ni-Mh battery
Power consumption less than 0.5 watt
Displays power factor
Displays watts, voltage and cost usage
Unit electricity cost can be set

The product works with individual appliances or with several appliances connected via an extension socket.

Simply plug the monitor into the electricity socket, and then plug the appliance into the monitor. The display unit will then show all the information about the appliances energy usage in real time.

You can easily input your current electricity price, the monitor will then show how much the appliance costs to run on an hourly, daily andbasis. Additionally the voltage consumption of the appliances can be seen, along with the power factor, and current. Information can be stored over a period of time, so for example, you can see how much electricity a fridge is using in one day, and how much that costs.

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