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Our Alkaline battery charger will recharge standard alkaline batteries up to 20 times depending the type and quality of batteries used. The unit can charge the two most popular sizes AA and AAA either one size at a time or mixed together.

A full set of safety features are built in, these includes overcharging protection, over heating protection, and battery type protection. Additionally the LED lights on the product will indicate clearly when charging is completed along with other functions

On top of all this, it can also charge Ni-CD, Ni-MH and RAM batteries safely.
Mains Powered

Product Dimension : 1118(L) x 71(W) x 30(H) mm
Input Voltage : AC 100-240 50/60Hz 6w
Fuse Rating : T1A/250VAC
Output Voltage : DC 1.7V (x4)
Maximum Output Current : 350mA (x4)
Individual charge circuit for each battery
4 hours charge time for 4 batteries
Auto power off after completion of charging
Built-in heat sensor to detect overheating and cuts off electricity to the charger slots
Auto power off when the battery falls out of the unit during charging
Reversed polarity auto detection
LED indicator to indicate charging / battery status
Applicable to AA and AAA Alkaline/ Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd, RAM batteries (2700mAH max rated capacity of each battery that can be charged)
Made of 100% recyclable material
Fire proof plastic housing

The unit comes complete with a power cable to connect to the charger. Very simply you insert the number and type of batteries that need to be recharged.

Once inserted the LED lights will show red if the batteries can or need to be charged. The charging cycle will take approximately 4 hours, the actual time will depend on the quality of the battery and the amount of charge left in the battery.

Once the charging is complete then the LED lights will turn to green, and the charging cycle will end.

When using Ni-CD, Ni-MH, and RAM batteries then the charging times and capacities will differ, The unit will automatically sense the type of battery that is charging and adjust the charging times and capacities accordingly.

As the batteries are charged more often the capacity will fall. The better quality batteries that are used the lower this fall in capacity will be.

Instruction File

What kind of battery can the product charge.?
The unit is applicable for AA and AAA alkaline/Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries. It is recommended to use the charger to charge quality alkaline batteries of same serial number or same production date, which are newly produced and discharged. DO NOT charge used Carbon-Zinc Batteries or old batteries that are not in use for long time. This could result in overheat of batteries or leak of chemical substances and in turn damages to the charger.

What is the product warranty.?
The product has one-year warranty under normal use.
How many times can an alkaline battery be recharged in the product.?
The number of times an alkaline battery can be recharged will depend on many factors. This includes the battery quality and the battery age. With a good quality leading brand battery that it quite new then the battery can be recharged aorund 20 times. Each time the battery is recharged then the power level will fall a little.
Is it normal that batteries become heated while charging?
Because inner chemical changes happen when charging batteries, it is normal that heat radiates. In order to protect user’s safety the unit has automatic an disconnection warning system for overheating: the charging circuit is cut off automatically and the LED indicator shows Green and Red light flashes for 5 times in turns. It will return to charging mode with Red light only when the charger returns in normal temperature.

Can batteries of different brands be charged at a time.?
Not recommended. Batteries of different brands have various contents and different quality of materials. It will influence the efficiency of the charger and may cause battery leakage if we charge batteries of different brands at the same time. Also, we recommend not to charge a mix of new and old batteries at the same time.

Will alkaline batteries explode if being charged for a long time.?
An alkaline battery will not explode if being charged for a long time. There are constant pressure and temperature systems in charger and there is a safety valve in each alkaline battery. The most serious situation may be battery leakage. When battery leakage happens, do not take the battery by hand. If you touch the liquid by accident, wash your hands with soap as soon as possible.

What kind of battery is the best to use with the charger.?
It is recommended to use the charger to charge quality alkaline batteries of same serial number or same production date, which are newly produced and discharged. Pay attention to the expiry date. Don’t use it when its shape is changed or it has breakage of leakage.

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